Daily check for new patch
Top H5 Multi skills:
Rich & interesting
We have not rules. We have values
New stage (perfect in proportion)
XP 50 X/SP 50 X/ADENA 1000 X
By this time!!
Play who want to have interesting game!
If you want to climb quickly 85 level
followed the farming teleport
Ill stay waiting for you in the game.
The La2CavaData
is alive
 {From 12-10-2008 non-stop}
Real High Five multi skills 50X
As much as you learn the server,
you will like it more
(If you have fast humour Welcome)
Community full service
XP/SP 50 X Adena 1000X
Hunting system runing 100%
Powerful rate Vote reward
PcBang point event by (Farming)
Prime points (By in game time)
Spoilable all map(Spoil) To be Top fast:)
All Items +16 & +35 choice directly NPCs
With 1 klick +(1) (Safe) Npc
With 1 klick +(16) (Safe) Npc
With 1 klick +(35) (Max) Npc
Impose starting with humour
Hope to be 85 level
with SevenSignSeriesOfDoubt Quest
If done 12 parts 3 rewards 
RunSpeedBoost = 100 more
DisableRaidCurse = True
Quest sertificate skills subclass 85 level
Dynasty,Vesper,Moirai,Vorpal,Elegia armors
High five items New cloaks
All (H5) SA weapons Quest 7R/B
Raid boss jewelry on Grand Boss drop list
Festival adena & La2CD Adena(drop & spoil)
14 Events 24 hours
Gold bar exchamge(500000000)
Also drop from raid bosses drop list
Blessed Freya s necklace With full stats
Drop from {Freya} Grand boss
Tiara noblesse With stats (La2CD) looking glass
Noblesse Quest item skill 1 more
or Purchased
higher than 80 level
From NPC with 20000000 La2CD Adena
Nobody can edit, enchant, or level up
Also for admin normal stats
I hope that enjoy your stay as family as friends
La2CD Craft materials drop & Spoil
PVP non-stop (Top PVPers Npc)
Color manager Npc for any time you wish
Without GMs lag
We do not want other bums server owners!
Only in {La2CavaData} No donation
Play without blackmail to be forced to pay

By respect Avec respect
{ It's A Game Only }
L a 2 C a v a D a t a  Q u a l i t y
  Thank you for your kind words
I'm doing that best there is
  The La2CavaData 
Remain the propriety's teacher
Jim ...

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